Bailey Smith I know of no one more talented or Christ-like than Jeff Cleghorn. Our ministry will continue to use him as long as he is available.

Dr. Bailey Smith, Evangelist, Atlanta, GA

Bill Stafford My dear friend Jeff Cleghorn, whom I have known since he was a young, Christ-centered musician, is one of the tops in my view--not only as a musician, but a spirit-filled man who knows how to discern the work of the Holy Spirit in a meeting. It is my joy to recommend Jeff to any pastor who wants his people to be blessed by this dear brother.

Dr. Bill Stafford, Evangelist, Chattanooga, TN

Allison Speer Jeff Cleghorn is a Godly man, and a genius musician who is precise and prepared for any service to the Lord, but his anointing is the most powerful sword in the hands of the Lord. His love for the people of God is made manifest in all he does. This makes him a joy to audiences, a soothing balm to the church, and a true evangelist for the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. His life is clean and holy so I recommend him without reservation.

Allison Speer, Concert Artist, Nashville, TN

J. Robert White It is a great personal joy to commend to you the music ministry of Jeff Cleghorn. Jeff is a dynamic musician and an incredible keyboard artist. He has been very involved in the life of the Georgia Baptist Convention providing music leadership for a number of our Convention events. Jeff loves the Lord and is a great churchman. Should you choose to invite Jeff Cleghorn to share his talents at your church meeting or event, I believe that you would be greatly blessed.

Dr. J. Robert White, Executive Director, Georgia Baptist Convention, Atlanta, GA

Rick Stone Sometimes you meet a servant of the Lord who truly is a "servant of the Lord." But it is extremely rare to meet a Christian musician who is also a humble servant of the Lord. It was my joy to minister with such a man at numerous conferences and services. He never requested center stage or preferential treatment. He simply wanted to exalt the Lord Jesus through music. He demonstrated a spirit of cooperation, a heart for God, and a love for the church. Without reservation, I recommend the ministry of Jeff Cleghorn. You can trust this man to minister the Word and to point your people to the Christ of Calvary! You will be blessed by his singing, his playing, and his testimony.

Rev. Rick A. Stone, Minister of Music, First Baptist Church, Birmingham, AL

Jim Perdue Jeff has a desire to please the Lord and honor Him in all he does. He is a man of great integrity and character, and seeks always to maintain his Christian testimony before others. Jeff is an incredibly talented musician and singer. There is no doubt that God has given him exceptional musical ability. He desires to use his talent not to glorify self, but to point others to Jesus Christ.

Dr. Jim Perdue, Pastor, Second Baptist Church, Warner Robins, GA

As a pastor and former music minister, I have worked with a lot of musicians in my time, but Jeff is at the top of that list. His incredible talent is only topped by his gracious and cooperative servant's spirit. I would not hesitate to use Jeff for a revival, conference, music supply, or concert. He has been an encouragement to our church and will be a blessing to yours!

Rev. Mike Stone, Pastor, Emmanuel Baptist Church, Blackshear, GA

It is my pleasure to recommend to your church the music ministry of fellow evangelist, Jeff Cleghorn. I have known Jeff for many years, and I know that he is the REAL DEAL.

Dr. Wayne Hamrick, Evangelist and Past President of GA Baptist Convention, Cartersville, GA